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November 13, 2005 by Tim

Well for starters, I’ve been working with Pierre for nearly two years
now. He’s the guy behind the scenes that takes some of the work off my
shoulders so I can concentrate on the creative aspects of this website.

He’s a really talented individual, and I’m lucky to have him manage
certain aspects of my business. Not only did he build this great new
website, but he’s the proprietor of ZeStuff, which handles the merchandise for Ctrl+Alt+Del, as well as VG Cats and 8-Bit Theater. He’s also had a hand in managing our advertisements, among other ventures.

He only just began posting on CAD, but he’s been working with me behind the scenes for a while.

Also, a lot of you have been asking if I will be looking for a writing
staff when we launch CADMedia (the top buttons there). The answer is
yes, I will be accepting resumes. Eventually.

Please do not send your applications or inquire about it now, as
I am not prepared to sort through them. But if you are interested in
working with CAD, you may have your shot in the near future.

I will make the announcement when I am ready, so keep an eye here.

Speaking of announcements, I’ll have a couple of really cool ones for you on Monday, so stay tuned, true believers.

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