Why? Just ’cause

December 7, 2009 by Tim

Just Cause was far from what I’d consider a perfect game, or a classic, but it was a fun little surprise in the early days of the Xbox 360, while I was fiending for a next-gen open-world sandbox game, and GTA4 was still way out on the horizon.

A lot of what Just Cause did was standard (or even sub-standard), but it’s over-the-top approach to stunts made it a really enjoyable “let’s fuck around and see how silly we can be” party game (where we named it “just ’cause”).

The sequel was announced a little while back, and I’ve been following it’s progress with anticipation, because it looks like they may have taken that very enjoyable crazy-stunt aspect, and actually made a decent game around it this time.

And you know what… even if the story/missions still suck, I can see hours of fun playing with the grapple mechanics anyway.


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