Wildstar Guild News

May 31, 2014 by Tim

Just hit Level 12… small snag though, guilds now cost 10gold to create. I don’t think the monetary requirement was there when I looked in early beta.

If you want to chip in a few silver to get us there, you can mail it in-game to Exanimus. Otherwise, sit tight while I farm up eight more gold.

Thanks, we have enough! Making the guild now…

We’re on the Avatus server!

Our guild has been created! For an invite to, send a whisper to Exanimus. Bear with me, I may be getting spammed, I’ll do the best I can to get everyone invited.

Update: You can also whisper Stonemender, MercCarnage or Pheuri for an invite to the guild in the meantime.

We have about 100 spots left in the guild as of this writing.

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