Wildstar: Mm mm good.

June 6, 2014 by Tim

I love Wildstar’s interactivity. Wherever it can, the game seems to try and present you with stuff to do, even when it involved simply accessing a terminal or picking something up. Where other MMOs would simply have you click, maybe even wait out a cast timer, Wildstar says “make this happen.” Tap the button, hit prompts with a moving slider, or yeah, even play Simon.

It’s a small detail in the grand scheme, but it adds to the overall mantra of Wildstar as I see it, which is “pay attention, fool.” Prime monsters (extra powerful sons of bitches) randomly scattered in amongst the regular fodder demand that you look before you leap. More than once I started to zone out on a standard “kill a bunch of aliens” quest, only to find I was suddenly getting my ass kicked by a powerful creature I wasn’t prepared for. Totally my fault, and I paid the price.

I’ve been impressed with Wildstar since I got my hands on it in early beta, and it is without a doubt one of the most polished launch MMO’s I’ve played in the last half decade. There’s a ton to do, and while I’m not at end-game quite yet, that doesn’t seem to be much of a slouch either.

I’m excited to get there with The Rapscallions, our Exile guild on the Avatus server. We have a few slots left, if you’re interested in joining us, but I do mean a few. We had ten left out of five-hundred when I logged off a little while ago. We are officially full. 500/500!

If we fill up before you get an invite, as long as you’ve rolled on our server, keep checking back! We’ve also got a website/forum set up for out-of-game community communication, and we’ll be posting here when we do any inactivity purges that result in open guild space.

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