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December 2, 2004 by Tim

Contest is over, see below. Thanks for entering everyone!

So remember that Ngage game I was testing, Pocket Kingdom? Well, I have come into possession of a whole box full of t-shirts courtesy of Sega. They are black, Hanes 100% cotton tees, with “I <3 PK" in big letters on the front, and "Own" on the sleeve, as shown in the picture below.

I certainly don’t need twenty of these shirts. I have enough t-shirts as is from my designs alone. So I figured I’d sign them and give them away to you guys.

Here’s what you have to do:

I have written down in front of me a race and class combination from World of Warcraft. The first twenty people to email me with the correct race/class combo in the subject line will receive a free signed “I <3 PK" shirt. Send the email here. Any contest entries sent to my personal email address will be disqualified.

Write the race/class combination in the subject line, and leave the body of the message blank. The only valid entries will be the ones with your contest submission in the subject line, so I can scroll down the list and choose the winners easily.

Remember, the first 20 correct submissions win the shirt. You can enter more than once if you wish, but not more than once per email. I will reply to the winning emails asking for size preference and shipping address.

The t-shirts come in Medium, Large and X Large. Size preferences will be given on a first come, first served basis.

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