Winter-een-mas shirts and hoodies

December 21, 2006 by Tim

We’ve made the 2007 generation of Winter-een-mas shirts available. I’ve removed the year (2007) from the design this time, unlike the last two WEMas shirt designs. Though I felt putting the year on each shirt made for a nice collectable item (since we only offer WEMas shirts for a limited time each year), it made wearing your 2005 shirt in 2007 a little out of place. This way people can buy a WEMas shirt and wear it for all future holidays. And the design will still be different each year, so there is still something “collectable” about it.

I’ve also modified the Winter-een-mas logo a bit, to make the controller more generic. I think a lot of fanboys had a problem with the controller being identifiable to one system or another.

On the back of the shirt I put the simple tagline explaining what Winter-een-mas is, and the dates of the celebration.

We’re offering t-shirts and hoodies this year, to accomodate the clothing needs of Winter-een-mas celebrators no matter what climate they reside in.

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