World Domination

February 18, 2005 by Tim

I held off from commenting on Electronic Arts for as long as I possibly could, but they just don’t stop. Now it seems they’re trying to finish devouring the french developer UbiSoft. As far as we know, UbiSoft isn’t crazy about this idea, calling EA’s approach “hostile”. Wonderful.

I hardly ever sell my original artwork. Last time I did was well over a year ago. But I some artwork up on eBay a couple of days ago to give someone a chance to own some original CAD artwork. You can find the auction here.

The artwork is done with pencils (non-photo blue and regular) on an 11″x14″ piece of white, acid-free smooth bristol board, and features the main cast of Ctrl+Alt+Del.

About MegaCon next week: it is going to be a very barebones convention for me. I will have about 100 books with me and that is it. I will also have some t-shirts, including all of the extras of the limited edition Chef Brian t-shirt that was sold on pre-order only last September. I’ll also have a few other of the old designs. I will not have any of the new t-shirts with me. It’s basically whatever I can carry with me down to Florida, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. And trust me, they’ll probably go fast.

I’m going to set aside 50 books to sell on Friday and 50 books to sell on Saturday, but you’re going to have to get there early on those days if you want a book. I’ll probably announce set hours during which I’ll be at my table. I’ll post all of that information on Monday.

I was going to make a comic about this, but honestly… what more is left to be said? It’s hilariously sad and pathetic all on it’s own. Unfortunately, its entirely true.

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