Yeah, Dark Iron

October 5, 2005 by Tim

Been having a lot of fun with my World of Warcraft guild on Dark Iron lately, The Rapscallions. We’re really a tight-knit community, and it shows.

The other night word came through guild chat that some L40 Human Mage and his buddies were ganking solo Rapscallions out in Arathi. As I was only down in The Plaguelands, I decided to head north and see if I could help out. By the time we got there, the group of Alliance had moved on, but through some pretty nifty detective work, we figured out what quest they were on, and where they were heading next.

So we mounted up and arrived there before them. In their defense, they did at least try and put up a struggle. Each of the many times we slaughtered them.

The human mage even started /spitting on me. I guess he didn’t like being on the receiving end of an unfair fight? I even ran down his girlfriend on my undead steed as she fled the battle.

Maybe if he didn’t come off as such a jackass, people wouldn’t go out of their way to hunt them down? Who knows. I’ve never had that problem.

Regardless, we are Horde, and four hundred strong. You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.

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