You rat bastard

September 21, 2005 by Tim

I knew it! I knew you couldn’t be trusted!

Leave it to you to take advantage of someone when they’re off in another country on business. As if tolerating the ZeStuff staff wasn’t hard enough, I get to the airport to try and take an early flight home and I pull out my laptop and I find this!

I’ll bet you copy and pasted that newspost just like you copy and paste everything else.

I can’t believe I tried to be so polite around you at all of those conventions, that I even bothered to try and mask my utter contempt for you. What a waste of energy. I thought that maybe if I pretended to like you that we could co-exist in relative harmony, but now it’s obvious that not even leperous killer robot with hemorrhoids could get along with you.

I may be stuck on a laptop in another country right now, but when I get home your reign of idiocy ends, once and for all. Mark my words.

And you can Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V that to the bank.

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