Your loss, not mine

June 21, 2003 by Tim

It’s abundantly clear that there are, oh… say… a few thousand of you that link directly to the latest comic strip. You are the same people that bypass these quaint little newsposts alltogether, thus keeping yourselves in the dark regarding site updates. You are the same people who went weeks thinking that I had dropped off the face of the earth when we did the site redesign a couple of months ago, because your bookmarks linked directly to the old, non-php pages.

And you are now the same people who have no idea that I’ve started updating on Saturdays, because you missed the newsposts explaining it a few weeks ago. I’m sure you’ll catch on eventually, but I really do suggest that everyone at least skim these news posts on their way to the comic strip. Occasionally I say something worth hearing. Occasionally.

I saw the Hulk last night. I’m going to keep my opinions to myself on this one, at least until everyone has had a chance to see it and form their own.

Also, check out the news archives and read Andrew’s news post yesterday if you’re a writer and interested in doing intern-type work, and working with the site.

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Wilhelm Hedin
Wilhelm Hedin
4 years ago

So what did you think of the hulk?

// Wilhelm