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December 17, 2005 by Tim

The Winter-een-mas shirts are selling pretty fast. This is good, because I’m happy that you like the designs this year. This is bad because certain sizes are limited and I’m worried that some people might not be able to get the size they want. Unfortunately the best I can offer is order sooner, rather than later. I’ve got my fingers crossed that nobody will come up short.

I’m aiming to put the updated Winter-een-mas website/forums up just after christmas.

Apparently there are a lot of Rocket Jockey fans out there. Moreso than I would have expected. I’ve been notified that there was an UT2K4 remake a while back, but it looks a little… how to say it… blah. Plus, I think with the graphics and physics engine, the a remake would really shine if done with Half Life 2. The ragdoll mechanics would be bliss in Rocket Jockey.

I have half a mind to try and put together a little mod team to bring it to reality. I’ll let you know.

Christmas came a little bit early this year. How awesome is this?

This comes out next week, and if you still haven’t caught onto FireFly yet… well, don’t start with the movie. You have about 4 days to go out, buy the FireFly series on DVD and watch it before the movie hits stores. It’s just my opinion, but I think you’ll appreciate the move much, much more if you’re already invested in the series.

I hope that Whedon puts out his trilogy as he originally planned, despite the poor critical reception Serenity received. I don’t care if they are straight-to-DVD releases. I want more FireFly, and you should too.

/end fanboyish FireFly plug

Also I’ve heard that Elevation partners (the investment group that bought up BioWare) will be going public soon. Has anyone heard more than that? Definitive stock information? Dates? Anything? I’m curious…

The news desk is now closed, see you all on Monday.

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