A few notes worth mentioning

December 29, 2003 by Tim

Alright, first of all, tomorrow morning I’m going to be flying down to Virginia to look at apartments and spend New Year’s with my girlfriend. I won’t be back until Sunday night. This may very well mean a lack of newsposts this week, depending whether or not I can get to a computer. However, the comics will still be up exactly when they are supposed to be up.

Also, I worked really hard all weekend to finish up getting the new store built, and I’m fairly certain that I should be able to launch it this afternoon/evening at some point. So if you’ve been waiting to buy T-shirts or posters, check back here for the announcement later on today.

In store-related news, some of you may still be waiting on your CADSkins. I’ve been having difficulties with the distributor. I just got the “Xbot” Xbox skins in the mail today, and will be sending them out this afternoon. Still no sign of the “Ethan and Lucas” skins, however. I’m waiting on a response from the company, but I may end up just refunding you.

Most likely I will be discontinuing the production of our console skins until I can find a company that meets my expectations. I will fill or refund all current orders depending on the status of stock.

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