September 15, 2004 by Tim

I could probably find some news to post about. It wouldn’t be that difficult. The problem is, in order to do that, I would have to stop playing Fable.

I’m afraid I can’t do that guys.

I can promise that perhaps, MAYBE sometime next year when this game finally lets go of me, I’ll look up from the television and do something interesting enough to report to you. In the meantime, I’d better get back to playing Fable.

Uhh, I mean packing for my move in a couple of weeks. Yeah, that’s what I meant.

One last thing- my good friend Mookie who draws Dominic Deegan is attempting to raise a little bit of cash so that he can quit his job and draw his comic full time. If there is anyone I know that deserves to be a full-time cartoonist, it’s Mookie.

So here’s the deal. For the rest of the month, if you were going to donate to ME, go donate to Mookie instead. Then just forward me the receipt for your donation, and I’ll send you this Spiderman wallpaper:

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