Analog and D-Pad 05.05

December 11, 2017 by Tim

SUMO just dropped me a special coupon for 20% off in their store, just for me to pass along to you. Nobody else has this code, and it’s the best deal available on their site right now.

Code CADCOMIC will grab you 20% in savings on an awesome new gaming/movie/lounging chair.

And crazier than that, SUMO is now offering… and I can’t believe I’m about to say this… yoga balls. Seriously.

Now, they’re saying that’s a yoga ball. But between you and me, that looks like something I want to have in my house to hurl at people when I want to get their attention, but don’t want to risk causing permanent damage. Or something I could fill a room with to create a giant, adult Chuck-E-Cheese ball pit. Or maybe it’s adult Tribble, I dunno.

They’ve also got rugs now. Because after you’ve SUMO’d everything else, all that’s left is to SUMO your floor. After all, don’t your feet deserve love too?

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