Get That Currency

December 3, 2018 by Tim

I’m finding that I am not entirely in love with Red Dead Redemption Online so far.

I mean, I’ll play it inbetween story sessions. I don’t hate it. I just don’t find myself excited about it. The wonky economy doesn’t really bother me all that much… it’s a beta, and I figure it’s better to start conservatively and slowly tweak upwards, rather than having to scale back after the early-accessers are already riding around on gold-plated horses or whatever.

I guess it adds a weird sense of suspense to the game, where I have to pawn two gold wedding rings in order to afford one can of beans, and selling pelts at the butcher involved a mad dash through murdertown. But so far I haven’t thought to myself “I can’t afford a new stripy shirt and now I’m mad!”

However it does feel like a little bit of the charm is missing from RDR Online. Not that Story mode doesn’t have its own little issues (zero power curve) but the world feels more alive somehow. RDR Online feels like if Westworld’s robots all suddenly turned into gun-crazed homicidal maniacs… except this time they’re also racist and homophobic.

Session-wise, there are a few I enjoy, and a few I loathe (Pick Your Weapon), but overall I’m just feeling a little lukewarm about the whole thing.

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