It Never Fails

December 5, 2018 by Tim

Every. Time. I have become so fucking paranoid of pink dots on my minimap at this point because there is zero probability that any of them don’t want to shoot me.

And look, griefing isn’t some new thing they just invented for Red Dead Online. You throw people into a sandbox like this, it’s going to be chaos. Should be chaos. But the auto-aiming ease of headshots is making this shit a littleĀ ridiculous.

If I’m being honesty, IĀ like the quick kills with headshots… I think it makes sense from an immersion perspective, and I think it makes sense from a mechanics perspective. These old-timey guns only hold a few bullets at a time, after all, so you don’t want to have to sink forty bullets to kill an enemy. And people do tend to die quickly when you shoot them in the head.

I like the fast respawn, as well. Okay, I’m going to get gunned down. It’s the wild west. Fine. Now let me get right back into my game. Don’t make me sit in timeout. Thank you.

I like that it spawns me near where I died. Maybe I was doing something and I want to keep my bearings. Maybe I want to hunt down the fucker that killed me. It’s nice not being chucked across the map.

I do not like all three of these things combined. Pick two. Because all of them at once turns free roam into a griefing clusterfuck, trapped in a merry-go-round of murder.

And to top it all off, bullets cost precious cash! I don’t want to waste my bullets fending off the same psychopath eight times in three minutes! I need those bullets for Alligator hunting!

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