Relive The Pain

July 3, 2017 by Tim

I went straight to Vah Ruta early on in Breath of the Wild. Well, not straight there… I wandered into the general area while exploring, foundĀ a Zora in a lake that pointed me in the direction, and goofed off my whole way to Zora’s Domain. At any rate, I ended up in the region fairly early on, and I was not at all prepared to tackle that Lynel. Hero’s Path reminded me of that.

If you haven’t played Breath of the Wild’s new DLC, ‘Hero’s Path’ is a feature that uses the map to show you everywhere you’ve traveled (in the last 200 hours; I haven’t passed 200 hours yet, so it’s literally everywhere I’ve traveled). It’s incredibly helpful to see where you’ve been (and more importantly, where you haven’t), and it’s also an interesting glance at how much wandering you do, and how much teleporting you’re guilty of.

It also shows you every death, punctuated with a haunting scream from Link. It is… mesmerizing. See for yourself.

I am of the opinion that this feature should be standard on every open world game from here on out.

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