The Simplest Of Rituals

February 1, 2019 by Tim

If you’d just woken from a twenty-year coma, you’d be forgiven for thinking that “EA” was some sort of abbreviation for a literal Lovecraftian horror, an entity of pure unspeakable darkness and evil, the way the Internet speaks of it.

I’m not saying it’s an undeserved description… EA has certainly associated itself with more than enough contemptable profit-forward decisions, often at the perceived expense of a game’s quality, to earn its reputation. While I could argue that EA is a business, and the purpose of businesses is to make money, so therefore they’re simply doing what they’re supposed to… lots of businesses make money, and yet have not earned such palpable disdain from nearly the entire gaming community at this point.

This was only on my mind recently as a result of the Anthem “Demo” last weekend, having seen a fresh surge of hate levied in EA’s direction, a conviction that the troubles with loading must somehow trace back to EA’s blackened hands around Bioware’s throat. I don’t imagine it’s likely… they probably have little to do with the actual code in play. But such is EA’s reputation that if they are anywhere near an injustice to gamers, they are clearly the cause.

I often wonder what it must be like to work there. To work in their customer service department, for instance, your sole purpose to help people resolve an issue. You’re not management. You’re not a hollow-eyed suit on the top floor, cackling as they alternate between dancing the strings of their sad marionnettes-formerly-known-as-developers, and gleefully shoving fistfuls of microtransaction-cash down their slippery gullets.

No, you’re just a person. There to do a job so you can feed your cat. And yet you toil under the logo of Evilâ„¢, and so even you, too, must bear the blowback from decisions that were not yours to make. Your days full of interfacing with people that have already decided that you are the villain, the enemy. It must be exhausting.

Update: I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but occasionally I’ll put out a comic and someone asks “Ooh, can I get that as a print?” And that’s something we used to offer, but haven’t done in many years. However I’m going to try and offer it again now, so if there’s a favorite page of yours that you’d really wanted printed in high quality and signed by yours truly, you’ll now be able to order one from this page.

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