The Starcaster Chronicles 06.26

July 13, 2018 by Tim

Aaaaand… /issue.

As anxious as I am to continue this story right this second, I need to take a break and do some other stuff. I promise though, I will try to not let this be the only issue of Starcaster we do this year.

I ran a poll, and based on the results I do believe we have the support to move Starcaster to a Patreon campaign and get the issues out faster, but I’m not going to rush into that just yet. I’m currently working on the first Starcaster book collecting issues #1-5, and I would kind of like to see how that does before making a decision.

I mentioned this last week, but we are on last call for Australians/New Zealanders to grab one of the CAD 1.0 Box Sets from the Australian warehouse. Next week I’m going to see about possibly moving those books to somewhere in Europe to offer to UK/European customers a better shipping rate.

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