What You Ask For

July 27, 2018 by Tim

Well, they finally added proper, official multiplayer to No Man’s Sky (along with a whole bunch of other stuff).

Say what you will about the development leading up to the game, or its launch, but I have to give them a lot of credit for continuing to support this game, add features and ultimately (as of this last update)  really turn it into a game resembling the one we all hoped it would be. It’s no small feat to take a game that launched as disastrously as No Man’s Sky, and turn it around so completely as what we have with NMS Next.

I know they’ve been updating this game here and there since it launched, but Next is the first that made me want to patch up my game and give it another try. I understand the argument that “they should have done all this before they released the game,” but at the same better late than never. Since I already own the game, it kind of feels like discovering a gem for free; like I backed it on Kickstarter and only just remembered about it. If I didn’t own it already, this update might be enough to push me to try it, especially at “the game has been out for two years” sale prices.

Multiplayer is not really one of the things that I ever really desperately wanted from No Man’s Sky… I think more than anything I just wanted to know it was possible, as I explored these giant planets and swaths of space. Well, now it is. I can venture out into that infinite void, and amidst the varied flora and fauna, possibly stumble across another intelligent lifeform… and immediately proceed to merc that fool.

Because you know that’s everyone’s first instinct.

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