Feedback and Pallet Update

April 5, 2017 by Tim

First of all, I’ve received an update on the two pallets of books bound for destinations abroad. The pallet headed to the EU is expected to arrive in port on April 16th. From there it will go to the warehouse for distribution. So if you’ve placed a preorder to secure one of those books, it’s getting close. There are still about 30 book sets on that pallet up for grabs.

There is also a pallet of books bound for Australia, based on the interest I received for those. That pallet is expected to arrive in port on April 25th. I have not opened orders for those books yet, so you haven’t missed them. If you’re in AUS or NZ, you’ll have a chance to place an order for those book sets later this month.

Now, I want to thank you all for the tremendous feedback regarding the website. Most of it has been constructive (a couple of people apparently became unhinged and lost their shit… you know who you are). But otherwise, we appreciate the feedback. We are going to continue to tweak and adjust the site based on some of your comments are suggestions, and further streamline some things.

Some of the changes in the pipeline include but are not limited to:

  • The logo up top that brings you back to the front page is only half-clickable. A fix is on the table, we just need to make sure it won’t wonk anything else up.
  • We’re going to bring a little color back. We wanted a darker website design this time around after seven years of crisp white, but over many revisions, a lot more turned gray than I think we’d planned. So we’re going to fiddle with it a bit and bring some of our green back.
  • Various layout tweaks to tighten up spacing, smooth things out.
  • If you’d bookmarked the previous latest comic page (, you should get redirected to the front page. But paths for comics and newsposts have changed, and lot of old links no longer work. It will take us some time to build those redirects.
  • The RSS feed should now be working and include both blogs and comics.

Again, I appreciate hearing from all of you, and having comments directly on the site has made it easier for me to respond directly and interact with you there. I know a website change is a big adjustment (This is the fourth time I’ve done it, I know how some people hate change), but we are listening to your suggestions and will continue to nudge and tweak things!

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