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April 3, 2017 by Tim

Here it is. It’s a little overdue (the last website was over seven years old) but we finally have our new site.

The basics are the same, but we’ve also moved a lot around, so I wanted to take some time to point out some of the changes you can find around the website.

Latest Comic On The Front Page

I no longer make news posts often enough to warrant them owning the front page of the website. I’m busier now than I’ve ever been, and quite honestly, sometimes there’s nothing I want to talk about. The point of the website is the comic strip, so now you’ll always find the latest one on the front page.

News And Blogs

We’ve now got two places for me to convey additional information. The first is, well, where you are right now. The blog. This is a standalone post where I will post important information that pertains to Ctrl+Alt+Del. New products, Kickstarters, changes, general stuff, etc. It can be accessed via the Blog menu item up top, or the “Meanwhile” graphic on the right which will display the title of the latest blog. If there’s information I want to leave visible for days at a time, this is where I’d put it.

I also have the ability to make posts under the comic strip. The post is attached to that comic page, and will stay with that comic in the archives. This is the space where I’ll make comments about the comic itself, either thoughts about a game or providing context. I may direct you to the blog if there’s something there I want you to see.


There is now an embedded comments function on the website. This will allow you to carry on discussions about a comic, or the post underneath, and allow me to easily reply directly.

New Archives

We have a new archives system that should be a lot easier for you to navigate. Not only does it display thumbnails of the comic pages, and let you sort by month and year, but you’re also able to sort it by my various different series. So if you want to just read Analog and D-Pad, you can select Analog and D-Pad from the Comics dropdown up top, and it puts you into an AnD only archive. You’ll navigate from from the end of issue 2 straight to the first page of issue 3, skipping everything that happened inbetween.

The same goes for the rest of the series if you catch yourself in the mood to re-read just my Console Wars comics, for instance.


This design will resize and reorient itself when viewed on different devices. This should make visiting the website on a mobile device to read comics much more pleasant.

I think that covers the main points! Everything is shiny and new, and we’ll likely need to continue adjusting and tweaking here and there as we settle in. We’ll monitor over the next couple of weeks, and if you see anything broken, shoot me a message! (tim at cad-comic.com).

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