Firefly Season 2?

January 23, 2006 by Tim

Is it possible? I have no idea how legitimate this is, so if anyone can enlighten me I’m happy to listen.

It would seem that some group of people are interested in seeing if it would be possible to get Firefly independantly funded, directly by the viewers, very similarly to what I’m doing with the Ctrl+Alt+Del Animated Series. Cut out sponsor particpation alltogether and just pay directly for the show in some form.

It may be a long shot (since Joss Whedon stated he was done with Firefly), but for me at least, any shot for more Firefly is a shot I want to believe in. I thought other Firefly fans might feel the same. All they’re looking for now is a raise of hands of people who would be interested inparticipating in this venture.

You can find the survey on their website.

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