For those not going to Megacon…

February 23, 2005 by Tim

This weekend I’ll be down in Orlando, Florida for MegaCon. This is the last newspost I’ll be making until next week when I get back.

The comics, as always, will continue uninterrupted. Because I rock just that much.

If you can’t go to MegaCon, perhaps you could plan to come catch me at ConnectiCon or Otakon. It is possible I will be attending Anime Boston and A-Kon, but nothing is confirmed yet. I’ll also be at E3 this year, if you manage to sneak your way in.

When I get back, we are going to start sales on the “God Hates Fanboys” and the “Mushroom and arrow” t-shirts, as well as one or two different designs for hoodies. But more on that next week.

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