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March 5, 2008 by Tim

As you may imagine, things are pretty hectic over here right now as we get ready for Digital Overload this weekend, so I’ll make this fairly brief. Maybe.

I haven’t mentioned this yet because I was wanted to make sure they were almost here when I did, but we finally got around to reprinting Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume One. It’s been out of print for so long because I wanted to make a new cover for it, and kept procrastinating. I finally did the new cover, and the books finished printing this week. So in the next couple of weeks you’ll be able to purchase Volume One again, as well as Analog and D+Pad issue #2.

I did have a small handful of both overnighted to me, so I’ll have them on hand at Digital Overload if you were looking to buy one there.

I should also mention that we’re doing another small run of Limited Edition hardcovers for Volume One, since it has the new cover. If you’ve been around here for one of our book releases before, you have an idea of how fast hardcovers sell out. This is a reprint, but it’s been out of stock for so long, I’d wager it will still sell pretty quickly. Anyway, I’ll have more information on all of this right before the books go on sale.

Army of Two delivered, as far as I’m concerned. It’s like a co-op game with a single player mode added on. The mechanics aren’t always perfect, I’d say technically the game is around an 80-85, but the fun factor jumps that up closer to a 90. There’s a lot of shooting and action, and a lot of use of the co-op maneuvers. I think they handled the aggro concept pretty well, because it’s fairly important in most fights. Cover could have been refined a little. It’s better than “push button to enter cover”, but still not as good as GoW.

Multiplayer was a blast, but as it’s 2v2, you really have to bring (or hope you get paired with) a good partner. Basically two teams race to complete objectives like “blow this object up” or “rescue this wounded soldier” or “assassinate this guy”. But you’re doing it in hostile, third-world warzones full of insurgents that hate you all. So not only do you have to deal with the enemy mercenaries competing for your jobs, but also the natives (NPCs). It can get pretty crazy, and you’re pretty much always under fire. But I enjoy it.

Bully also looks good. Clearly a PS2 game, but made pretty enough for the 360. I don’t think that I’ve ever wanted to punch a protagonist in face quite so much though…

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