Important Unimportance

April 7, 2004 by Tim

So I’ve given Lineage 2 a second chance. They put up two new servers last week, and given that a good amount of the fucktards had already started their little avatars of stupidity on the first three, I decided I’d have a go at the new digs. So far it’s been pretty good. With five servers currently available, and three more scheduled to come up in a week or two, there has been a fairly decent balancing of the Open Beta Filelanet kiddies. There are still shitwads to be found, don’t get me wrong, but I also feel once these brainless monkeys realize that come the end of April they’re going to have to pay to play or face losing “Drzt”, “Drizzzzit”, “Druzit” (or whatever butchered character name variation their uncreative minds attached to their dark elf), and that mommy isn’t going to let them spend their lunch money on video games, a lot of them will leave and go back to Counter-Strike.

So here it is. I am playing on Lionna. I am playing a Dwarf and enjoying it. Feel free to say hi, but I’ll tell you up front that I’m not too keen on grouping pre-level 20. For those of you that are still interested in the clan I’ll be running, here’s a bit of information. There will be a minimum level requirement, mot likely L20 or L25. I may or may not start the clan before retail release. I will mention it here as soon as I’m ready to go.

In other news, if any of you wanted one of the CAD Character shirts from the store, you’d do best to grab it soon. I’m planning to discontinue them sometime soon, so I don’t know how much longer they’ll be around.

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