The Evil that is Resident

January 21, 2005 by Tim

It’s Friday. I’m going to go all over the board today.

I think I’m getting close to finishing Resident Evil 4. I’m at very least halfway through. I’m determined to beat this game, which saying a lot for me, because of the hundreds of video games that I own, I can say I’ve beaten maybe a dozen or two of them. It’s just how things work. I get really into a game, but then something new comes out. I never finished Doom 3. I never finished Half-Life 2. I never finished the first Prince of Persia.

And what happens is that I put these games down and leave them for long enough, that when I decide to go back and finish them, I’ve totally forgotten where I was and what was going on with the story, so I have to go back and start over. But not Resident Evil 4. I will beat this game.

I finished reading Marvel 1602 the other night, a collection which I had gotten for Christmas. I was blown away. It truly was a work of art, the story, the incredible visuals and style, all of it. And it had a super cool concept. It was really awesome seeing all of the classic Marvel heroes transferred into Elizabethan era 1602. I highly reccomend reading it if you’re a comic lover.

Now I’ve started reading the entire collection of Bone, which I am finding wonderfully amusing at times. This collection is massive. I myself have created nearly 500 comics at this point in time, but I still can’t imagine having put out this much work. I could kill someone with this monster. Easily. 1300 pages. Holy crap.

Sky Captain comes out on DVD next Tuesday, which I’m pretty excited about. I missed the movie in theaters, but I’ve heard a lot of good things, so I’ll definitely be picking this up first thing on the 25th.

As I’ve mentioned, it’s sort of a slow period in the gaming industry right now. After the crazy 4th quarter we had in 2004, there just aren’t very many huge titles coming out right now. The new Splinter Cell will probably grab me for a little while, at least, of which there is a demo out on FilePlanet, if you were interested.

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