Mass Effect Me

January 9, 2017 by Tim

I’m a little concerned about on-the-fly class changing in Mass Effect Andromeda, but I’m going to reserve true panic until we know the details behind how and why it works. If I’m being honest, I was more bothered by the combat portion of the trailer, where Ryder ran into the middle of a group of enemies and proceeded to take shots from every direction while seemingly choosing her targets at random with no tactical strategy in mind whatsoever. Cover is there for a reason, use it!

The approaching (sooner than expected) release of Andromeda has be itching to play through the original Mass Effect trilogy one more time, so I think I’m going to endeavor to do that later this month. I’ll likely stream the run on Twitch so that you can come hang out with me while I play if you want. And so to that effect, I thought I’d let you all decided some of the parameters by which I’ll define my trilogy play-through, with this handy poll.

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