Nintendo Switch

January 11, 2017 by Tim

Tomorrow we finally get the big livestream reveal of the Switch where, hopefully, we’ll get some details about this sucker. I’ve been anxiously waiting for this event so I can work on adding the Switch to the Console Wars, so hopefully they’re nice and forthcoming with the specifics.

Moreover… I just hope it’s good, man. I’m not sure Nintendo will ever be on top again, I think they’ve dug themselves too much of a hole at this point, but I would love for them to at least be competitive on a technical level. Nintendo can make some great games, but they haven’t been giving us the hardware we need.

I always experience a moment of trepidation when releasing a comic. “How will it be received” Will people like it? Should I have done this little thing differently?” So I can only imagine how Nintendo is feeling, about to reveal their new console to the world to have every little detail scrutinized and picked apart. Remember when Microsoft was excited about TV? Oof.

Thank you for all of your votes on the Mass Effect poll! The choices are pretty clearly defined, I’m excited, and have ME1 all loaded up with a couple of nice mods to at least make the journey through that first game a little more visually appealing. I’m intending to start my playthrough a little later this month, maybe the evening of the 18th or 19th. I’ll keep you posted. I will livestream the playthrough so you’re welcome to come hang out with me in chat, and I’ll try to post the recording to my YT channel as well.

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