Ok, I’m just giving you all a heads up here. A lot of you will notice that the voting link to BuzzComix is gone. I have removed Ctrl+Alt+Del from the list.

There comes a time for every web comic, when it reaches a certain level of success, and should really leave the toplists. A point where it’s popularity and readership is of the level where it no longer requires the free advertising that a toplist provides to continue to grow. A point where it just isn’t fair to the other web comics on the list that are trying to reach the same level of success. I’m very proud to say that Ctrl+Alt+Del has reached that point.

This applies for Top Web Comics as well, for all of you that have been emailing me about it. I didn’t rejoin that list for a few reasons, but one of the biggest was that I was planning on dropping the lists alltogether this month.

I want to thank everyone who was so very religious about voting as a means for supporting this comic. It really did contribute to our current status. And just because there is no more vote button, doesn’t mean there is no way for you to help out.

Now that CAD isn’t on the toplist, we’re relying solely on word of mouth to attract new readers (which has worked phenomonally well for us this past year). So tell everyone you know. Post on message boards, tell your friends, bring it up in chat rooms. Every new person that finds and enjoys Ctrl+Alt+Del makes us that much stronger.

And I urge you to still visit BuzzComix. There are a lot of great comics there, and I wish them all the greatest success, even if some of them never wished me the same.

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