Ok class, we have a lot to cover today, so listen up!

*Beats you with a ruler*

First and probably most important concerns Digital Overload 2006 registration.

The first 375 tickets will go on sale Monday at 12:01am EST (that’s late
Sunday). You can pay with credit cards or paypal. The rest of the
tickets will go on sale Monday at 6pm.

There are only 750 tickets. I stress this, because I have a feeling
that they will go very quickly, and some people who wanted to attend
will end up disappointed. I just want everyone who wants to come to the
event to have a fair shot at a ticket, so remember: Monday at 12:01am EST.

Also, come December 1st, check this very front page for a huge announcement. An announcement of epic proportions. You’ll see…

The Stop Shifting Blame t-shirt and the Circle of Life t-shirt are now in the store and shipping. So if you’ve been waiting for them to go on sale, wait no longer.

Ok, now let’s talk 360.

I, Tim Buckley, hereby stand corrected on the issue of Call of Duty 2.
Whereas I have previously had no interest in the franchise, I am
enjoying it immensely on Xbox Live.

It may be in part due to the disappointment that is Perfect Dark Zero.
I haven’t given up on it yet, but so far I’m just not satisfied. The
multiplayer seems really glitchy and clunky. Sigh.

But Call of Duty delivers a pretty solid multiplayer experience. I’m
absolutely in love with the “Kill Cam”. I love it. I want to make
sweet, sweet love to it.

When you get killed by the enemy, while you wait to respawn, you get to
watch the previous 5-10 seconds through the eyes of the person that
ended you. It’s really very enjoyable, for all of those moments when
you get sniped or ambushed and you had no idea where it came from. It
also prevents snipers from being able to camp in one spot for too long.

Anyway, I’m on XBL here and there playing a game or two of whatever.
I’ll give out my Gamer Card, but slots on my friends list are first
come, first served. I’m pretty sure there is a limit to the number of
people you can have on your list, and it will fill up fast for me. I’ll
do my best to keep the list pruned, so that everyone has a chance to
play a round or two of something with me. Please
don’t make a friend request unless you are on the 360’s XBL service.

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