Punk rock Dante

September 15, 2010 by Tim

So Devil May Cry is getting a reboot. I assume that despite Dante’s new look, the game will retain its testicle-crushing difficulty.



Dante and I don’t get along. I attempted DMC3 some years back, and I was completely turned off by the game’s difficulty. I love playing games on hard mode, I love overcoming a challenge. But unlike Demon’s Souls, which eased you into the harsh world of the game, and never felt like it was being unfair when it demolished you, DMC3 just seemed hard and cheap for no reason. I’m sure some people had little to no problem with the game, but the difficulty combined with my less-than-fervant interest in those types of games, put the DMC franchise on my “do not care” list.

Who knows though, reboots are an opportunity to do new things with franchises. I’ll keep my ears open for further details about the game, and when the time comes maybe I’ll give it another shot.

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