April 9, 2004 by Tim

Yeah yeah, I know I should have had a news post up by now, but I’ve been busy all morning with PURE VIDEO BLISS. Seriously. The new Spiderman 2 trailer looks awesome.

Today is the 9th, and tomorrow is the 10th. The Exclusives! wallpaper goes out tomorrow, so today is the last day you can donate to receive it. Here’s a preview:

If you missed my newspost yesterday about watching the Clone Wars micro series, here’s your second chance. Go check it out.

As I mentioned the other day, I’m planning to, at some point, discontinue the current character shirts from the store. These were the first shirts we ever produced, and they’ve been around for about a year now. I think it’s time to retire them, and introduce some new designs. But before I release new shirts, I need to sell out of most of my stock of the old ones. And as soon as they’re discontinued, that’s it. They’ll never be sold again. So if you want one, grab it soon.

And make sure to check the newspost on Monday for an update concerning Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume 1 the collection book we’re working on.

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