So here’s the deal

October 27, 2011 by Tim

With Uncharted 3 coming out next week, and a handful of side projects I’m working on, I spent a lot of time this week doing some comics for the current storyline in advance. Six at once, to be exact (one was Wednesday’s).

So I’ve got the next five comics sitting here all finished, and it seems a little silly not to allow you to read them if you wish. However, I just want you to be clear about the decision you’re making. If you read the next five comics right now, all at once… it will flow better, and be more enjoyable than if you had to read them one at a time. However it also means that you’re going to be waiting over a week for the conclusion to this story arc. The next five comics bring the current little “fight scene” to a decent closure, but there are still a few comics after that to wrap up the storyline and answer some questions.

It’s entirely your call.

I did draw up a bunch of sillies for the next week and a half, that will update on the same days these comics are scheduled to update. So even if you read them all right now, you can still check back for some gaming-related sillies on the regular update days. You won’t be left entirely without a comic to check up on.

So… click here for the next five comics, back-to-back.

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