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May 13, 2005 by Tim

It had fully been my intention to attend E3 as just another anonymous schmuck in the crowd of thousands. No booth, no merchandise, no panels, just pure enjoyment of everything new and exciting coming up in the World of Video Games. I figured this would be no problem, since it’s an industry only event, and people can’t just come in off the street. I figured the fan concentration would be low enough to fly under the radar. Apparently I was wrong.

There are quite a number of you who expressed interest in meeting up with me, saying hello, showing me your new game in development, or just getting an autograph. Where previously I was replying to such requests with a statement along the lines of “Uhh, umm, err, uhh… I’ll be the one in the t-shirt walking around drooling over the flashy lights… stop me if you see me”, it turns out my friend Brian of 8-bit Theater is experiencing a similar dilemma.

So last night we formulated, like the intelligent web comic authors that we are, a designated time and place where people could come say hello, get an autograph, and marvel at our stunning beauty. The aforementioned time and place will be 1:30-2pm, all three days, at the NCSoft booth. This is the only time we will guarantee to be in a certain place at a certain time. So if you wanted to come say hello, stop by the NCSoft booth Wednesday, Thursday or Friday at between 1:30-2pm.

I’ve been working with NCSoft for the past year, drawing the comic strip in the back of their CoH comic book. They were great people to work with, and I’d love to continue doing the strip but I’m not playing CoH currently, so it’s pretty difficult to come up with strips for a game I’m not playing. I really appreciate them letting us hold this meeting at their booth.

I personally will be spending the rest of my time at E3 forming a puddle of drool wherever they set up Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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