Son of a bitch…

April 8, 2005 by Tim

There are only so many times I can lose the same stupid newspost and have to retype it before I get really irritated.

Anyway, I’ve got a bit more information about Anime Boston for you. I will be there and I will have a table. It stands to reason that I will also be doing some panels, but I won’t have details about that until shortly before the convention. I will have posters, some t-shirts, and all that is left of Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume One, the first CAD book. I’ll have about 100-150 copies of the first print run with me, after which, they are all gone. We will be reprinting this book eventually, but the last of the first printing will be sold at Anime Boston. I will be at the convention all three days, except for Saturday night when I will be stepping out to go to a concert in Amherst. Hope to see a lot of you at the convention.

I’ve been told my Xbox Live! friends list is now full. I’ll start cleaning it out so that people can send me requests. If you tried sending a friend request, try it again over the new couple of days. I’ve been meeting some really cool fans on XBL, so if you want to catch a game of Splinter Cell with me, my gamertag is Absath. I play here and there throughout the day, but usually late at night, after I’m done with work.

I had a lot more written here about spring-time, and renewed energy and all the projects I’m working on but… meh. I’m too lazy to retype it. I’ll post it later after I’ve gotten some other work done.

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