Star Citizen

November 16, 2012 by Tim

I don’t pledge to a great many Kickstarters. And of the ones I have pledged to, I’ve yet to go back and consider upping that pledge to a higher amount. Star Citizen may have me there though, after releasing the design for the Constellation starship, and pointing out that they’ll support multiple players per ship. Meaning one person can pilot, and another can man the guns or, I suppose, just dick around in the cabin area.

Wait, you haven’t heard about Star Citizen? Weird. I’d suggest you take a look at all of the delicious goodness they’re hoping to achieve, over at the Kickstarter page. They’ve already blown away their goal… in fact between the Kickstarter page and donations via their own website, they’ve just reached $4million in funding, so this thing is definitely happening (well, that or someone is getting a top of the line forged passport and a very nice vacation to a non-extradition country).

It’s got a couple of days left, so you can still get on board if it looks like your kind of thing. I thought it looked pretty rad. Now to see if they can deliver.

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