Sweaty, sustainable energy

March 3, 2010 by Tim

So you may have heard about the global Playstation 3 meltdown (or ‘ApocalyPS3’) earlier this week when a small error in the system’s internal clock as it relates (I assume) to leap years rendered many systems unplayable for a whopping 24 hours.

I imagine I don’t need to tell you, some people flipped.

The conspiracy theories flew, and the fury and threats boiled over, and it was quite the spectacle to behold if you cruised by some gaming forums in the heat of it. I’ll admit, I was personally thankful that I’d finished Heavy Rain the night before. I’d have probably been a little irritated to find that I couldn’t sit down to play it after work. But man oh man… forget corn, we need to get our scientists working on a way to harness nerd-rage as a renewable energy source.

Hook one of these angsty geeks up to some machines, tell him his favorite game service is down on his day off, or that Michael Bay is directing a Thundercats movie, and power New York City for a month straight. It’ll work I tell you. The science is out there.

I’m off for the weekend. We’ve got a little shindig in Rhode Island this weekend. Looking forward to seeing some of you there, it’s going to be a fun one. Make sure to check out the post below if you’re attending. Some good tips there.

For the rest of you, there’ll be a comic on Friday, and hopefully one on Monday… I’m planning to draw it on-site at the event on Saturday, but these things are unpredictable.

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