Unnatural Phenomenon

August 31, 2005 by Tim

It’s quite the weirdest thing that happens, really. If I happen to be playing multiple games at once (not at the same time, but rather having multiple games in progress during a given time period), they begin to meld.

Right now the culprits are World of Warcraft and Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. I play both every day, at least a little bit. Hulk is more for the short breaks I take over the course of my work day. WoW is for when I declare the work day over, and settle in to game for a stretch.

The controls are usually effected first, and it becomes more complicated with the more games you have on your plate at a time. I find myself questioning, “Is this jump? It’s not jump… this button is jump in some game, but not this one. Where is jump in this game?”. Not a big deal. Games these days use a huge variety of buttons and then button combinations to control the action. It seems logical that keeping multiple controller/keyboard layouts straight in your mind could get tough at times.

What really weirds me out is when things progress beyond that point, into a realm that is wholly unsettling. Where I’ll be playing my Undead Priest in WoW, and I’m running through Orgrimmar.I start holding down the jump button, and then wondering why it isn’t charging for a super jump so that I can clear those buildings ahead…

Or if I’m playing Hulk, and fighting a boss, and my health is dropping and I wonder why the healer isn’t doing their job.

I’ll tell you, it’s freaking strange for that one split-second where you truly haven’t grasped the folly of your thought process. Then the realization that you melded two entirely separate games sets in, and you feel a little silly. But not always “hehe that was cute” silly. More like “Oh god, I just made out with a girl who turned out to be my cousin, oh man this is awkward…” sort of silly.

We’re not even going to discuss seeing an ambulance drive down the street, and musing that if you smash it open, a bunch of little glowing health orbs will come out…

Or perhaps I’m just still sick with this awful head cold, and taking far too much NyQuil.

Stay tuned for updates to Tim’s slipping sanity. Same CAD time, same CAD channel.

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