Barrel Awareness

April 3, 2017 by Tim

Hey, look at this! It’s a little post below the comic!

This space functions similarly to how news posts did on the old website; I can attach a blog post like this to a comic strip, and it will always appear below that comic strip, now and in the archives. Going forward, I’ll use this space to make little comments or observations about the comic I did, or convey some context if I feel its necessary. I may also draw your attention to a news post. Sometimes, there will be nothing here! Madness!

The news posts (re: the “Meanwhile” avatar graphic to the top right) are where I’ll typically post important information about stuff that may be going on with Ctrl+Alt+Del (new products, Kickstarters, changes, etc). These comic blogs will be for more “in the moment” content.

Below this, you’ll find the comments section, where you can leave a comment with your thoughts about the comic strip or the comic blog.


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I don’t know if it’s because a lot of games “fudge” the spacial relationship between the gun’s scope and its barrel (ie, the bullet goes where you’re aiming, and doesn’t necessarily travel from the tip of the barrel itself), or I just haven’t noticed this happening as much before, but I’ve lost count of the number of potential kills I’ve missed in PUBG because I forgot to check where my barrel was while zoomed in.

This and remembering to bring a vehicle to a full stop before exiting are my two biggest enemies in PUBG at the moment. Decades of gaming have conditioned me to leap effortlessly from speeding cars, and apparently it’s a hard habit to break.

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